MoonJam 2022 2nd Biannual

A Travesty
Sat, July 16 12:00:00 AM UTC  —  Tue, July 19 12:00:00 AM UTC

Additional Game Jam Resources

  1. MOONMOON community assets
    • 3D models, textures and voice lines created by community members
  2. Resources for Jammers
    • A list compiled by a Global Game Jam staff member
  3. Kobitoko's Game Jam Tools
    • A list of many game dev/jam tools & resources compiled by Kobitoko on Github
  4. Sonniss
    • High quality sound effects usable in Game Jams
  5. Motion Capture Database
    • A dataset of motions provided by Carnegie Mellon University that is free for all uses. It also provides various basic information about the motion capture process and some code to work with motion capture data.
  6. CGTrader
    • The materials need to be free. Do note that if it is royalty free, it might not mean it is copyright free.
    • You will probably need to give credit to the artist, so bear this in mind when using.
  7. Mixamo
    • Note: Fuse Terms of Service under section 3, Restrictions, you are unable to distribute adobe models and animation data in the origin file format you downloaded them in.
    • You will need to import the files into you engine of choice so they are written as an asset that can only be used with that engine. Example: FBX → game engine asset.
    • Read article 5 and 6 for the files types that you are permitted and not permitted to use and how to handle copyrighted material.
    • This website follows a creative commons license. So determine if your game engine has anything stating that material with creative commons licenses are not allowed before proceeding.
  10. Krita
    • Please read here for more information about how you can use Krita for commercial gain.