1. Take proper care for yourself, make sure to take breaks, eat and give yourself proper time to sleep
  2. Start from scratch, you are not allowed to use previous projects
  3. Games must be stream appropriate
    • Refer to Twitch's Community Guidelines, notably but not limited to the sections about hateful conduct, sexual content and extreme or gratuitous gore and violence.
  4. Don't use paid assets even if you already own them or assets that you don't have the right to distribute
    • Examples of permitted assets:
      • Sound clips of MOONMOON
      • Channel art (resub images, emotes, etc)
      • Engine exclusive assets that are free, accessible to everyone and can be used for monetary gain
  5. Don't use copyrighted material that you don't have the rights to use or distribute
    • You must abide by attribution clauses for content which you use if a license requires it.
    • If you are using content from OpenGameArt, please read their licensing section for more information.
    • If you are using audio from FreeSound, please read their licensing section for more information
  6. All team members must be active subscribers and in good standing within the community
  7. Artists are the only participants allowed to contribute to multiple teams
    • This includes musicians, voice actors and other creative roles
    • If you are only in one team, you are free to participate as other roles
  8. No mobile, virtual reality or peer-to-peer multiplayer games
    • Chat interactive games are permitted where the game anonymously connects to Twitch chat servers.
    • Multiplayer games must utilize the relay server and have a browser client for players, all hosting will be provided for.