Welcome to the stream cover photo

Welcome to the stream

by The White Covered Wizard

Game information

Game Information

Game Engine
Built with Unreal Engine
Time to Completion
Completed in 71 hours
Watch VOD Download from itch.io



Overview: In welcome to the stream you play as a streamer on a quest to farm subscribers. You have to GAME to the best to your abilities to keep them satisfied. While you get more subscribers by the day, there might be those that don't support you as much waiting for their moment to strike... Hmmm, is that pizza I smell? Gameplay: - Play videogames to gain subscribers - Earn the adoration of your wife. - Avoid angry fans that hunt you down when you're vulnerable. - Eat food to not die, don't worry, it's delicious.


WASD - Movement
E - Interact with PC/Food
Mouseclicks - Interact with buttons on the in-game PC.