The Loaded Die

The Loaded Die

Game information

Game Information

Game Engine
Built with Unreal Engine
Time to Completion
Completed in 72 hours
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This game was originally made to fit two game jam themes "A Travesty" and "Roll of The Dice". How it wasn't done in time but I still took time to polish and make it playable. You play as head of security in the small, and infamously named casino "The Loaded Die". Making a profit has been rough over the years and due to the small security staff (i.e. you and maybe 6 other staff) cheating have been rampant. Not good for business. You are your own boss. Will you attempt to spot and catch all the cheaters? Will you try to maximize casino profits even if that means throwing out big winners? Or will you give in and hope the casino makes a profit all by itself?


You play with the mouse. 
ESC pauses the game.

### How To Play ###

There is no win or lose condition. You play the duration of one shift (15 mins) and at the end you'll see how you've done and how the numbers are looking. There is an image in the game explaining what you see in the UI.

	- The casino has 6 game tables you're in charge of. Each table has a camera designated C1-C6. Each table also has a designated banker, and one security staff you may call for an arrest.
	- Things aren't as simple though as your monitor feeds are old and tend to unexpectedly mess up. You can use the buttons on each tv to set them right.
Dice Game:
	- Part of the reason the casino was made infamous and attracted cheaters is because of its unfair dice game.
	- The game is simple. One player. Playing against banker. Bets are places and a pair of die is thrown for each of player (white dice) and banker (black dice). Player wins if the sum of their rolls is over 7 and also beats the banker's rolls. Unfair right?
Players and Cheaters:
	** Read ahead only if you want to understand how the NPCs work and what tricks cheaters use **
	- Each player that comes to the casino is a little different. Different looks. Different personalities. Different Budgets.
	- Some players like to take more risks than others. It could cost them all their money. Or if they're "lucky" cause you a lot of trouble.
	- Cheaters have a bunch of tricks they can use to change the odds in their favor. They may simply use a loaded die. Smart ones might even try to rig the banker's die.

I've also left in some debug controls in case you wanna have fun.
	I: Halve speed of the game
	O: Reset speed of the game to normal
	P: Double speed of the game