The Giga Cum Chalice of Hell 2

The Giga Cum Chalice of Hell 2

by peepoFattest

Game information

Game Information

Game Jam
2022 2nd Biannual
Game Engine
Built with Godot Engine
Time to Completion
Completed in 72 hours
Watch VOD on Download from


Borpa's on a quest to find the Giga Cum Chalice of Hell 2! Jump, shoot, and parry your way as Borpa to the greatest quest reward ever!


*There is an uncommon bug that might occur on the final boss where if you defeat the boss, the game will not progress and the pause menu cannot be pulled up. When that happens, restart the game and defeat the boss again to progress. (The game will save any progress from before.)

Controls - Keyboard (Xbox Controller) - Controller recommended
Move - Arrow keys (Dpad, joystick)
Shoot - Z (X)
Jump - X (A)
Parry - Jump button while in the air (White particles and enemies can be parried)*
Crouch - Down arrow (Down on dpad/joystick)
Phase through red platforms - Crouch + Jump while not moving 
Dash - Shift (B)
Lock player position - C (RB)
Special ability - V (Y)
Switch weapon - Tab (LB)
Interact with NPCs - Up arrow (Dpad up)
Pause - Escape (Start)
Progress through text - Enter (A)

To leave Corpaville, pause and choose "level select"
To leave the credits screen, alt + f4

*Successful parries give you a vertical boost

BattleToast- Writing, Music, Level Design
Kazuren- Programming, Level Design, Art
PotentialNova - Music, Art, SFX

Special thanks to TinyTeeth for the FLAPPERS emote.
Additional thanks to Dialogic:

The final cutscene only plays when you kill the boss during its tentacle attack or yapping attack, if you kill it at any other time the cutscene won't play.
Youtube link for the final scene if you're too lazy to play through it again: