Squeaky Rafts

Squeaky Rafts

by moon wont lose this time im sry

Game information

2nd place
Chat's Choice

Game Information

Game Jam
2022 2nd Biannual
Game Engine
Built with Other
Time to Completion
Completed in 71 hours
Watch VOD on moon2.tv Download from itch.io


Squeaky Rafts is a multiplayer survival game. You've crash landed on a remote island (what a travesty) and your goal is to reach the mainland. Use the help of the native gloopglaps to survive the journey!


The pistol can only shoot native gloopglaps (twitch chat).
The "harpoon" can only shoot sharks.

You can eat corpses to gain a temporary speed boost.
You can use corpses as rocks.

Q: Open map
Hold right click + left click: Shoot
Left click in "harpoon": Shoot
E: Chop trees, punch boulders, operate paddle, enter/exit cannon, submerge when in water
F: Pickup and drop logs/rocks, pickup and throw other players
T: Push to talk
WASD: Movement
Escape: Reopen the menu.


If there are any doubters again this year, I streamed the whole game jam and the vods are highlighted.


**If any plebs act up** just execute them using your pistol.

**Be sure you stock up** with enough resources on your boat before you embark.

**If the game is very laggy** then disable voice chat (but please don't, the voice chat has a special quirk in this game and it was really hard to implement.)

**If a pleb dies** in any way they are permanently dead.

**If you die** you have to be rescued by a pleb punching you.

**If a pleb can't get to you to save you**, you have to restart the client (to start a new room due to the multiplayer.)