Spin Shift

Spin Shift

by feral addaline

Game information

3rd place

Game Information

Game Jam
2022 2nd Biannual
Game Engine
Built with GameMaker
Time to Completion
Completed in 71 hours
Watch VOD on moon2.tv Download from itch.io


Spin Shift is a platformer focused on speed. You play as the Spin Shifter who can roll along walls, floors, and ceilings, with 2 roll actions; Clockwise roll and Counterclockwise roll. Use rolling, jumps, and gear-kicks by slamming into reverse to navigate through a handful of stages, as you grapple with shades that cling to your ankles.


W A S D to move
J to spin left, L to spin right
K to jump

Controller supported, shoulder buttons are spin, dpad is move
spinning multiple times in the same direction extends the duration of the roll and speeds you up
spinning in the opposite direction after kicks you in the other direction
can be used to double jump
can jump while spinning on walls to bounce off, and use the gear kick to extend jumps

Hint for if you have trouble - the red/blue colored markings on the stages tell you which direction you should spin to get through. In the pause menu there is a level skip to choose any stage, and a 'autoplay' mode that shows how to beat the level