MoonJam 2022 2nd Biannual

A Travesty
Sat, July 16 12:00:00 AM UTC  —  Tue, July 19 12:00:00 AM UTC

A Travesty of Justice

by Ur Mum Lole

Game information

GameMaker Studio 2 2022.5.1.16
Completed in 72 hours
Submitted on

Welcome to 'A Travesty of Justice'! In this game, you play as legendary detective John Trenchcoat. He was hired by the FBI to investigate a possible impostor in the White House. None other than the president himself, truly a travesty!


There is a control explanation at the beginning, but WASD to move, Space to interact with things/advance text, there are occasional other keys that can be used situationally in context.  Also, H is a universal Hint key that will give a hint for things to do in the current room.  Up and Down arrow control music volume.