A Travesty of Justice

A Travesty of Justice

by Ur Mum Lole

Game information

Game Information

Game Jam
2022 2nd Biannual
Game Engine
Built with GameMaker
Time to Completion
Completed in 72 hours
Watch VOD on moon2.tv Download from drive.google.com


Welcome to 'A Travesty of Justice'! In this game, you play as legendary detective John Trenchcoat. He was hired by the FBI to investigate a possible impostor in the White House. None other than the president himself, truly a travesty!


There is a control explanation at the beginning, but WASD to move, Space to interact with things/advance text, there are occasional other keys that can be used situationally in context.  Also, H is a universal Hint key that will give a hint for things to do in the current room.  Up and Down arrow control music volume.